Ginger Simple Syrup

This year I decided to hand out some unique holiday homemade gifts. If you know anything about me – you know baking isn’t my thing. Too much measuring and having to be exact for my style. I like throwing stuff in a skillet with no precise thoughts involved. But my love of dogs convinced me to bake these awesome Giada inspired dog treats for all my friends pups.

For the humans I made a ginger simple syrup that pairs well with so many drinks! I bottled the syrup in fun mason jars and added a label and bow.

ginger bottles

I’ve been using the syrup almost nightly since I made it. Here’s a few favorite ways to enjoy it:

  • Ginger Old Fashion – One part syrup to two parts bourbon – serve over ice.
  • Moscow Mule – One part syrup to two parts vodka, splash of soda water, squeeze of lime
  • Ginger Soda – One part syrup to three parts Sprite
  • Ginger Lemonade – Add syrup to fresh squeezed lemon juice diluted with a little water

ginger simple syrupTo make the syrup:

  • Peel fresh ginger and slice into about half inch pieces
  • Bring equal parts of white sugar and water to boil (I did 10 cups of each)
  • Stir to dissolve sugar, bring to simmer and add ginger to the pot
  • Simmer for 20 min, turn off heat and allow mixture to cool
  • Strain out ginger pieces and transfer to storage containers



One thought on “Ginger Simple Syrup

  1. That all looks great!! I have been making those Giada dog treats for a while, callie and tucker love them and i like knowing i know where all the ingredients came from. 👍🏻
    Holidays are fun for cooking and baking. So you ever make that great Chex Mix! There are alot of dun ways to make it and spice it up.


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