People who love to eat are always the best people. – Julia Child

Cooking is more than a hobby for me, its an obsession and an outlet. When I’m stressed, upset, or really busy; the kitchen grounds me. Matching random ingredients from the fridge, pantry and garden with food cravings is like a puzzle for me. I started helping my mom and grandmother cook from a young age.

Fortunately I grew up in a family that valued dinner time and exposed us to a wide variety of ethnic cuisines. Instead of burgers and hot dogs, it was Greek Gyros, Indian curry and Naan bread and Korean BBQ. Meals were sacred growing up, which meant phones and TV off. To this day having a meal with someone is what I consider quality time. It brings such joy to cook a meal, have friends and family over and enjoy with a huge glass of wine. Some of my life’s favorite moments have been around the dinner table.

When I’m not cooking, I’m working at Getting Smart a learning advocacy firm where I’m Director of Operations. I’m married to my junior high sweet heart, Ryan, who joins me frequently in the kitchen. His salsa puts store bought to shame. Our pups, Boyd and Jade enjoy my kitchen mess and are better vacuums for crumbs than any dust buster.

Got a recipe you want to share? Interested in guest blogging? Have a gadget you want me to try?

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Email: CarolineVanderArk@Gmail.com

Twitter: @CvanderArk


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