Posted in October 2010

Become a Leftover Whiz

I’ve always told my Dad he should start a restaurant where people bring in their leftovers and he turns them into an amazing meal. He could literally take anything left in the fridge and turn it into a breakfast of champions. Continue reading

The Perfect Girl’s Night

Entertaining could be my middle name. I love cooking and having friends and family over to my place. Even when I was little I got excited when my parents had dinner parties. I always wanted to play waitress and help serve the guests. There is something so special about cooking a meal and sharing it … Continue reading

Review: Pike Place Market

The Pike Place Market is one of the most magical spots in Seattle. No matter the time of year, the aisles are bustling with an array of people. Everywhere you turn there is amazing produce, huge bouquets of fresh flowers, and street performers perfecting their craft with a crowd watching on. Continue reading