Become a Leftover Whiz

I’ve always told my Dad he should start a restaurant where people bring in their leftovers and he turns them into an amazing meal. He could literally take anything left in the fridge and turn it into a breakfast of champions. I think the trick to leftovers is to transform them so they are totally different than their original form. Otherwise I have a hard time repeating a meal several times.

My leftover Carnitas meat has been a perfect addition to meals through out the past week. Here are a few examples:

  • added the pork into egg scramble with veggies and cheese
  • pork pizza with mushrooms and pesto
  • potato smash with zucchini, squash and pork with chipotle sauce

A few other leftover tricks:

  • pack leftover items separately (ex. pasta and sauce can be used in two different ways- use the pasta in an egg frittata and the sauce over grilled chicken)
  • even if you are cooking for 2 people- double the recipe so you have leftovers, it will help you eat great breakfasts and lunches through out the week
  • while prepping a meal like a casserole if you have to cook meat double the meat needed and place half in another container for later in the week, throw the meat on salads, etc.
  • leftover veggies can be roasted and blended to create salsa and sauces
  • leftover bread can be toasted for croutons or blended for homemade breadcrumbs

Don’t be afraid to explore the leftovers in fridge- being creative is always better than just reheating last nights meal!


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