Review: Pike Place Market

The Pike Place Market is one of the most magical spots in Seattle. No matter the time of year, the aisles are bustling with an array of people. Everywhere you turn there is amazing produce, huge bouquets of fresh flowers, and street performers perfecting their craft with a crowd watching on. I remember growing up spending Saturday afternoons at the market with my family. Katie and I would choose new flavored honey sticks, Mom would pick out food for that night and Dad would be sampling all that was available to taste.

When I graduated from college my first office was right down the hill from the market, which meant many days I was able to wander the streets of the market finding a new fun spot for lunch. Its no surprise that on my recent trip to visit Mom and Dad, a stop at the market was high on my priority list. We made our usual stops for fresh seafood, Chukar Cherries, and pastries from Le Pannier. Next time you find yourself in Seattle make sure to plan a day to wander the market, come hungry and leave happy.

Famous Market Sign

The most beautiful flowers!

Market fish stand- huge King Crab legs!

Fresh salmon

Dried chilies to hang in a kitchen- add so much color

Worlds best mac & cheese.

Great French bakery

Panier’s great selection- my favorite is chocolate crossaint

The original Starbucks

Stunning produce everywhere

Chukar Cherries- chocolate covered goodness

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