That Food Is So Pretty!

One of my favorite aspects of travel is getting to taste new and exciting food. Its amazing to learn about a culture’s tradition through their local cuisine. I love getting recommendations from “real” people, instead of the hotel concierge. I always want to eat where the locals would. The best meals I’ve had on the road are in hole in the wall digs that are completely unassuming.

I had the fortune of traveling to Europe twice this year, and spent time in France, Italy and England. In Old Nice just outside of the bustling downtown you can find open air markets. Each day the theme of the markets changes from antiques, jewelry, and food! I happened to visit on a food day and spent hours walking through the aisles of spices, vegetables and sliced meat. When walking through a market like that, the true foodie in me comes out. I find myself fantasizing about the meals I could make with the beautiful produce. As my Grandma Char would say “that food is so pretty”. She’s always had an appreciation for plating of food that I now share.

Recently I saw the movie Eat, Pray, Love. Having just traveled to Rome (where a third of the movie/book takes place) I can attest that it is truly “a no carb left behind” type of trip. The pizzas and pasta were spectacular, and wine flows like water. To escape the hustle and bustle of the city I spent an afternoon in beautiful Roman wine country as well! If you visit Rome anytime soon, visit Alla Rampa at the bottom of the Spanish Steps. I ate there two nights in a row and was blown away with flavor both times. Its the quintessential Roman restaurant with tables outside in this busy courtyard.

Below are some of my favorite food & wine shots from Europe.

The perfect French breakfast
The best Caprese salad I’ve had- Cap Ferrat, France

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