Tacos Galore

Hands down my go-to meal is tacos. No matter the time of day, or day of the week, I am always craving tacos. I never get sick of them because they can vary so greatly. They are the perfect way to use leftovers in your fridge. Leftover steak and potatoes- throw them in a tortilla with onions, mushrooms and fresh salsa.

Today I made tacos on corn tortillas with leftover eggplant, zucchini, smoked salmon and topped with a creamy cilantro sauce. If you are having a group of friends over they are the easiest item to serve. You can prep everything before people come and then lay out a fabulous build-your-own taco bar.

 Here’s my no-fuss guide to amazing tacos:

  1. Pick a tortilla (corn, flour, wheat)
  2. Pick a meat (fish, chicken, sausage, pork, etc or skip it)
  3. Pick your veggies (onions, mushrooms, eggplant, garlic, peppers, etc)
  4. Pick a sauce and topping (salsa, cheese, hot sauce)

*Of course you can always add scrambled eggs to make them breakfast tacos

Step 1

Heat up your tortilla. I always heat in a dry saute pan on both sides until it gets some color.

Step 2

Using the same saute pan add some olive oil and saute the veggies (at least ones that need to cook) in order of which ones need to cook the longest.

Step 3

Put the cooked veggies on a plate, while you cook the meat. If your meat is already cooked- you can just throw it in with the veggies to re-heat.. My meat essentials are salt, pepper and chili flakes. Add the veggies back in and stir for a bit to incorporate everything.

Step 4

Lay the tortillas open on a plate, add veggies, meat, and toppings.



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