Don’t Be a Jerk – Eat This Chicken!

As long as I can remember my mom has made the most wonderful braised shredded chicken. She braises the chicken in liquid (water or chicken broth) for so long that is starts to shred apart on its own. Typically she uses taco seasonings and we’d eat in tacos or on a taco salad with salsa. Its been one of my go-to recipes for girls nights, parties or weekend cooking. I make a triple batch and have wonderful chicken to use through out the week in various dishes.

After years of making the chicken the Mexican style I decided to switch is up and try make shredded Jerk Chicken using jerk chicken rub, marinade, pineapple, green peppers and onions. This combo of sweet flavors pairs perfectly with the delicate shredded chicken. I used the jerk chicken in salads, quesadillas and sandwich melts for the following week.


  • 4 boneless chicken breasts (or double that in tenderloins) cut into 1 inch cubes
  • seasonings (taco, jerk, or your choice)
  • marinade (optional- I used Jerk to intensify the flavor)
  • 5+ cups cooking liquid (I use a combo of water and chicken broth)
  • optional veggies/fruits (pineapple, onions, mushrooms, peppers- rough chopped)
  • olive oil


  1. Heat olive oil in a large skillet (one with tall sides is best)
  2. Add the chicken and seasonings, stir and allow meat to brown on all sides – about 4 min
  3. Once meat is browned, add enough water to almost cover the meat (about 1 cup- careful not to add too much water, don’t want to boil the meat, but rather braise)
  4. Let the water come to simmer and reduce heat to medium, adding marinade for additional flavor if desired
  5. Continue stirring and adding water for about an hour. Meat will begin to shred.
  6. If you are adding veggies- add when the meat is starting to shred and cook for an additional 20 min.
  7. Using a wooden spoon or spatula shred any additional chunks left and enjoy!

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