Review: Gazebo Maui

The Scoop

If you’ve been to Maui lately, chances are you have heard of this (not so) secret breakfast joint overlooking the beach at the Napili Shores Condos. You gotta be in line by at least 7am to be seated when they open at 7:30am. The line continues most of the morning before their great lunch service starts.


The Vibe

The views of Napili Bay from Gazebo’s 15 or so small tables are stunning. Enthusiastic wait staff make this food experience that much better. Its plastic chairs and shaky tables- but once you get your food it doesn’t even matter.


The Food

Gazebo is probably best known for their pancakes. I have to admit, I’m not a huge breakfast sweets person, but these pancakes were amazing. They were a great combo of fluffy and packed with flavors like bananas and macadamia nuts. Their syrup tasted fresh and not too sweet which is perfect for me. The real treat at Gazebo is the ridiculously large order of fried rice. We couldn’t even finish a half order of this rice mixed with meats, peppers, onions and topped with scrambled eggs. Add in some hot sauce and you have the perfect island breakfast. The meats included bacon- which clearly had me wanting more and local sausage. They make an amazing omelette as well and even added some fresh spinach for me.

Breakfast burrito


The famous pancakes


Last but certainly not least, the fried rice! (This is a half order)


The Verdict

For the value this place is pretty amazing. You really cant beat the location, price and taste for a great Hawaiian breakfast. Make sure to get up early next time you are in Maui and try it out. I dare you to try and only go once- trust me you’ll want more!



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