My Top 10 Favorite Dishes

What are your ten favorite dishes? If you only had ten meals left what would they include? There is no way I could pick a last meal – so instead I bring you my top ten (in no particular order). Part of what makes some of these dishes my favorite is the people that make them. For others its the fact that I could never replicate the dish as well as my favorite restaurants. Every dish makes me think of happy times and brings great memories.


Cowboy Ciao’s Chopped Salad

  1. Mom’s lasagna roll ups (nothing screams comfort food more than this for me)
  2. Pad Thai (make it with fried tofu and I’m in heaven)
  3. Bacon cheeseburger with shoestring fries (don’t forget the blue cheese to dip fries in)
  4. Panang curry (probably add some broccoli to it)
  5. Grandma Vander Ark’s apple sauce (yup just a huge bowl will do)
  6. Texas style brisket with spicy BBQ sauce and beans (make it Salt Lick sauce, with Rudy’s cutter’s choice meat)
  7. Paneer Palak (the Indian version of creamed spinach)
  8. Trump sushi roll (or so many other rolls from Trappers)
  9. Stetson Chopped salad (Favorite version is from Cowboy Ciao in Scottsdale, but I’ll take a good chop salad with pesto ranch from anywhere)
  10. Nachos (from chips and cheese to mountain high with toppings – it all makes me happy)

Close runner ups include:

  • Any type of quesadilla
  • Thin crust pizza (extra crispy crust)
  • Anything marinated in Central Market’s honey orange habanero sauce
  • Penne pasta with chicken and an alfredo pesto sauce
  • Stuffed bell peppers with grains (rice, quinoa, couscous), veggies and meat
  • Grandma Vander Ark’s twice baked potatoes
  • Chips and trio of dips – salsa- guacamole – queso (yes that’s a meal)

What makes your list? I’d love to hear!


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