There’s an Octopus in my Breakfast

I’m pleased to have my first guest blogger today! One of my cooking inspirations- someone who can make any leftover taste amazing. The man that had a toasted bagel with cream cheese and pesto waiting for me every morning growing up. Cooking with Care welcomes- Tom Vander Ark!

“Put today’s breakfast in the win column: egg white omelet with pesto veggies topped with Pico party–diced avocado, onion, tomato, cilantro, with feta and Chalula.

But that’s bush league compared to Tom’s Big Breakfast at Lola (2000 4th, Seattle).  It starts with a little garlic Greek yogurt in a bowl topped with sauteed octopus, pumpkin, spinach, bacon, and finished with a fried egg.”

Tom and crew also ordered the Lola specialty- doughnuts with seasonal jam and vanilla mascarpone. These little nuggets of goodness have been featured on Food Network and have chef Giada de Laurentiis raving from a recent visit to Seattle. Tom called me after breakfast raving- and I cant wait to try this out myself!

All of the Tom Douglas restaurants in Seattle have been family favorites. Mom’s frequent request is always Etta’s, which is a block from the Pike Place market and has amazing crab cakes and bloody mary’s. On my last trip to Seattle I visited Serious Pie for happy hour with some girl friends. Their happy hour features popular pizza’s in a smaller size for $5. I brought home the chanterelle mushrooms & truffle cheese pizza and had my family addicted immediately.

I’m looking forward to Christmas in Seattle – cant beat family and good food!


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