The Time Between

The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are often crazy, stressful and usually a lot of fun. I find myself attending holiday parties, shopping for great gifts and soaking up time with good friends before we travel for the holidays.

With all the hustle and bustle around the holidays, I have a hard time focusing on recipes and being creative in my own kitchen. When its finally cold in Austin the last thing I want to do is chop tons of veggies and do dishes. I want to be outside enjoying being bundled up in a city that rarely dips below 60 degrees. However, its still important to me to save money and stay healthy by eating at home during this busy time. I compromise with what Sandra Lee calls “Semi-homemade”.

With a mix of great deli prepared items, fresh fruits & veggies, lean cuts of meat and fish I’ve been successfully making 15-20 minute meals that usually take one dish to make. Here is a sample menu from this week:

  • sauteed quartered brussel sprouts, mushrooms and diced chicken in a raspberry chiptole sauce
  • breakfast tacos with eggs, cheese and mushrooms in corn tortillas
  • seared salmon (season with lemon pepper, salt, olive oil) and deli prepared roasted root veggies
  • deli prepared egg salad sandwich with cucumber and tomato salad (toss diced cucumber and tomatoes in olive oil, salt, pepper, herbs)
  • package of whole wheat ravioli tossed with brown butter, sage, ground turkey
  • thin crust pizza (used Pillsbury dough) with pesto, ground turkey and veggies
  • scrambled eggs and apple slices dipped in almond butter





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