Review: House Wine

I love when restaurants take a popular dish and add a unique flair. The best example of this lately was at House Wine off South Lamar (behind P. Terrys in Austin, TX). Set in a renovated home, House Wine offers a casual setting that feels like your living room. They feature an extensive wine list and several appetizers like hummus and cheese plates. I was there for open mic night, so I had the pleasure of listening to talented Austin musicians play out front in their great outdoor “yard” as well.

When I saw the roasted mozzarella appetizer I was instantly sold. Marinated mozzarella balls are brought to the table with a small table top fire and skewers so you roast the mozzarella yourself. Think smores, but with cheese and crackers. As if it couldn’t get better they serve it with olive tapenade and sun dried tomato puree to make the perfect gooey cheese and cracker bite.


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