Review: Melting Pot

During a hectic week stopping to appreciate a great meal with amazing company can make a world of difference. Whether its Date Night your spouse, boyfriend or just your best friend, taking time to enjoy people around you and have someone else do the dishes is an instant stress reliever.

Thanks to companies like Groupon and I’ve been enjoying new restaurants and some old favorites at a great discount. When you have a half off coupon just think how good the surf & turf section of the menu looks! This week’s restaurant pick was an old favorite, Melting Pot. I was pleasantly surprised with their Big Night Out Latin America themed menu that featured amazing marinates and new flavors. For $48 (including a $40 Groupon) a couple we indulged in 4 courses that left us wanting to come back for more.

First course was a Queso Fundido cooked right at our table. “A fondue version of the classic Mexican dish combining Fontina, Gruyére and Gran Queso cheeses, fresh jalapeños, crumbled Chorizo and a hint of fresh lime.” Served with tortilla chips, bread, veggies and apples to dip in the melty goodness.

Queso Fondue!

After enjoying a light mixed green salad with shrimp ceviche and avacado it was time for the main course- Fondue Fusion. “Cold-Water Lobster Tail, Filet Mignon, Chimichurri Sirloin, Garlic Piri Piri Shrimp, Mole-Marinated Chicken Breast, Citrus-Marinated Pork Tenderloin, Fire-Roasted-Corn-Salsa Ravioli”. These amazing meats were paired with sauces like spicy verdre, Gorgonzola, creamy curry and a house favorite chive and sour cream. Mushrooms, potatoes and broccoli were added just in case that wasn’t enough food already. While we loved all the meats, the citrus pork paired with the verde sauce was the clear winner.

Fondue Fusion- Meat!

At this point we could have gone home perfectly satisfied- but no we ordered the dessert fondue and were blown away. With so many amazing chocolate options we took the server’s advice and order the new Latin dessert- “Dark and Dulce Chocolate Fondue – Classic flavor combination featuring our bittersweet dark chocolate and sweet, thick dulce de leche accented with coarse sea salt”. He described it as tasting like a dark chocolate covered pretzel with a hint of caramel- and he was spot on. The sweet and salty fondue paired with brownie, cheesecake, poundcake, marshmallows, rice krispie treats, bananas and strawberries was beyond amazing. The strawberries and rice krispy treats dipped in this vat of love were outstanding.

Dark and Dulce Fondue

Needless to say it was an amazing meal and we’ll definitely be back to a Melting Pot again soon. Who is down for Ladies Night Out– $24 for 3 courses?!?!


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