Review: Cucina Toscana

I’m spending the week in Salt Lake City, UT for work and a wedding. As with most trips I researched restaurants in advance and asked the locals upon arrival about great spots. The recommendation for Cucina Toscana was spot on- and great for a team dinner last night. While inside Cucina its easy to forget you’re in Utah and not Tuscany. Its warm ambiance and gentle hum of waiters plating food tableside was authentic Italian.


Here is what we enjoyed last night:

Starter: Bread with olive oil, garlic, anchovy puree & bruschetta

Shared Antipasti: 1. Cantaloupe & Prosciutto, 2. Duck with pate, figs 3. Seafood Trio (scallops, shrimp, mussels) 4. Eggplant Parmesan

Pasta: Gnocchi Provincial (gnocchi in red sauce), Ravioli stuffed with ricotta and spinach

Entrees: Halibut in a broth with artichokes and spinach, Salmon and shrimp with creamy mustard sauce

Dessert: Sipping chocolate with biscotti

Next time you find yourself in SLC- Cucina Toscana should be on the top of most stop list!


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