Review: Squid Ink Sushi

The Scoop

Good sushi in Phoenix is hard to find. We’ve tried several places that lacked quality and originality, both of which are super important when it comes to sushi for me. Good sushi is packed with fresh flavors, retains a clean and bright taste and combines elements you might not have suspected. Squid Ink located northwest of downtown Phoenix in Peoria finally wowed me.

The Vibe

The clean and modern vibe gives a great first impression. This is the type of place that would be great for happy hour with a group or a quiet date night.

The Food

We tried the roasted garlic edamame, cucumber salad and three rolls. We finished every last bite! The rolls had a great local flavor combined with traditional sushi ingredients. Here’s the rolls we tried:

  • Dirty Rockstar: chopped spicy tuna | habanero | avocado | big eye tuna | fresh jalapeno | sweet chili | sauce | spicy aioli
  • Surf n Turf: shrimp tempura | spicy crab | asparagus | filet mignon | truffle salt | sesame-miso aioli | eel sauce
  • Flying Phoenix: shrimp tempura | spicy crab | avocado | tuna tataki | black pepper sauce

For anyone that knows me well, you can understand why the surf n turf roll was my favorite. My dad says I have a knack for wanting to order from the bottom right corner of the menu. This roll satisfied a craving for steak and even had truffle salt which ranks in my top 5 favorite condiments list.



The Verdict

I’ve still got several rolls to try, not to mention a list of starters and salads that look delicious. This place was clean, quick food and well priced. I’m looking forward to going back soon!

The Details

Squid Ink
9947 W. Happy Valley Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85383
(623) 561-7747


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