Review: Eataly

As I highlighted earlier this week, NYC has some great food markets. I could easily spend an entire summer in NYC just eating my way through these markets. However, my wallet or waistline would not appreciate the journey. One of my must see destinations while in town for a few days is Mario Batali’s Eataly.

When I went in search of more information on Eataly, I found this gem on their manifesto:

Good food brings all of us together, and helps us find a common point of view. We believe that one of the greatest sources of joy is what happens around a dinner table.

That quote perfectly sums up why I’ve found a passion in food. There is something so special that happens around the dinner table. I find enormous joy in creating a menu, writing a shopping list, spending an afternoon cooking and then sitting with my people I love to share a meal. Needless to say, while walking the aisles in Eataly I fantasized about the amazing meals that could be shared and created from this wonderful place. Here’s a few pictures to convince you its worth a trip!


Pasta, pasta, and more pasta. Are you imagining some pesto Alfredo sauce over all of this too?


Some of the best looking fish!


Oh and the cheese….


Even the coffee just tasted better there.


The produce was of course beautiful and perfect.


It wouldn’t be a market without amazing flowers.


We topped off our visit with an amazing dinner on the rooftop of Eataly at Birreria. I’m not a huge beer person but their cask ales were amazing.


Meats… now I’m drooling again.


And course cheese to finish it all off.

A weekend in NYC isn’t complete unless you set aside a few hours to enjoy a glass of wine while you stroll the aisles at Eataly. Crazy how you can escape the fast paced, yellow cab packed city and feel instantly transported to an Italian village in minutes.


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