Fun with Mom and Tom

So funny story from my childhood – I’ve always called my parents Mom & Tom. It started with a problem saying my D’s and ended up just seeming to fit really well. I liked the sound of it and still to this day very often use Mom & Tom more frequently than any other names for my parents. It was a no brainer to sign us up for a Mother’s Day class with Tom Douglas when I saw the name of the event – Mom & Tom.

Tom has helped to revitalize the Seattle food community. He is committed to sustainable ingredients, local flavors and unique dining experiences at all of his restaurants. I have even more respect for him after attending this cooking class. Tom was front and center the whole time, doing his prep work, running to and from the kitchen and chatting with everyone that attended. Its to nice to see a well-known restauranteur still have an incredible focus on food and customers.

Here are a few pictures of the wonderful morning that was filled with amazing food, lots of fun drinks and an incredible amount of culinary tips. I’m looking forward to attending classes at Tom’s newly opened Hot Stove Society!



The backside of the menu featured recipes for everything too!


So fun to meet a cooking idol


I was so jealous of all the pots and pans!


Fresh radish served with herb butter – unexpected new favorite way to each radish


Every bite was so interesting – my favorite was the duck bite in the top left


You can’t go wrong with crab and eggs


In addition to a great rose and gin spritzer they served rum milk punch with dessert


No other words needed – chocolate pecan tart


Perfect end to the meal was meeting Tom and having him sign my cookbook


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