Crispy Next Day Pizza

I love pizza. I love it even more the day after. It’s so easy to make or order extra and eat it for days. What I don’t like is soggy or soft leftover pizza that’s been zapped for too long in the microwave. Intro a non-stick skillet!

Thanks to my husband for picking this little tip up on YouTube. You won’t believe how simple re-heating pizza can be using a skillet and lid. First step is placing a slice of pizza on a dry non-stick skillet and covering with a lid. Turn your burner on medium.

The steam will rise up and heat the cheese and ingredients. The skillet heat will crisp the crust and make the pizza probably more amazing than it was the night before! Usually takes about 5 minutes for me, but based on your burners adjust and check the crust bottom so you don’t burn it. I’d dip that crispy goodness in a mix of sriracha and ranch and enjoy!



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