Review: Chino Bandito

If you are heading to Phoenix, AZ anytime soon you should probably stop by Chino Bandito. Think Chinese take-out meets dive Mexican food. I crave their combo meals and have been trying to replicate the sweet cuban black beans for years now.


Family favorite combos

For a first timer the menu can be daunting with tons of different meat items to choose from, then choosing your pick of rice and beans. Grab a combo plate and try a few different items. Just to make it even more confusing you can even have every meat in either a burrito or quesadilla. But don’t worry the staff will give first timer’s a tour of the menu and even let you taste.

20130225-221110.jpgIts no surprise that Guy Fieri likes this place – he featured it on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives.

20130225-221120.jpgMy all time favorite dish at Chino is the Pollo Diablo Chicken – the sauce itself is good on just about anything. The fine folks at Chino were kind enough to share the recipe even – check it out!

Here are a few fun videos featuring this awesome dive:


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